Example of Participants’ feedback The whole production is very surreal. It totally escapes from reality. And this kind of surrealism is very powerful. When a lot of people perform this kind of surrealistic work, they do it in a very floating, vague, fantastical, light way. But this is actually quite the opposite. It’s very heavy. Even though it’s above reality, the rhythm, the atmosphere, is all very heavy. That heaviness, for me, is one of the most meaningful parts of the piece. Your concentration has to be really high, In terms of physical ability, physical reaction,the demands are really high.

Comments from Social Networks Weibo Barley Dance @ wuzhi1001 ‘trans la valo’ This is a spiritual intersection of dance, the entire field will be able to feel the dancers dance from the formal efforts to explore artistic expression, the use of props is bright, exquisitely coordinated with the overall mood of dance expression, praising! (6 June 2013, 2003)