Example of Dancers’ feedback: In terms of Jorge’s own and shared inspirations and ideas the piece was very well resourced. Feel really privileged that we were able to have our own composers. It made us feel like the piece was truly ours

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Congratulationnnnnnnnnssssssssssssssssssssss. Amazing show. Chi till I dieeeee x. (Joe Garbett, member of the audience. 18-June-2013)

Twitter: The Point @PointEastleigh13 Jun Hypnotic choreography, fluidity of movement & engaging performances – powerful evening of dance from mapdance #mapdancetour Folkestone QH @Quarterhouse_UK23 Jan 19th April

Mapdance a stunning, intricate contemporary dance performance. See pic for details: @Quarterhouse_UK pic.twitter.com/0GQTbTjC