Experiences finish in the blink of an eye; nothing changes in the world but something changes in those who undergo the experience. So, in the end, something might have changed after all.
Kingdom is risk, companionship, teamwork and trust; it is a physical and a mental experience. Through a series of short and challenging scenarios, Kingdom pushes the dancers through an experience of responsibility, struggle, fear, stress, precision, pain, sensitivity and beauty whilst allowing us to witness their experience in real time.
Inspired by Crecis’s involvement in the Madrid Occupy Movement protests in May 2011, Kingdom challenges 10 dancers to construct a 6m human shelter using 80 bamboo poles and 120 pieces of rope, all executed in a race against time. Despite its use in construction, bamboo presents a certain degree of unpredictability; it is a strong yet fragile material. The Madrid Occupy Movement was also a very strong yet fragile experience, all the while enhanced by the spontaneity and unpredictability of the moment.

Concept and Direction: Jorge Crecis
Devising and performance: Scottish Dance Theatre’s dancers
Costume Design: Carys Hobbs
Music: The Artist
Lighting Design: Emma Jones
Structure Advisor: Zheng Jing
Rehearsal Director: Matthew Robinson
Pictures: Brian Hartley
Dancers: Jori Kerremans, Fhunyue Gao, Frank Koenen, Lewis Wilkins, Eve Ganneau, Manon Greiner, Artur Grabarczyk, Francesco Ferrari, Amy Hollinshead and Naomi Murray
Special thanks: Erica Campayne, Greenwich Dance, Emma Jones, Katie Lusby, Francesca Moseley, Francisco Murcia, Concha Peña, Proda Oslo, Matthew Robinson, Amy Steadman and Emily Thompson-Smith