Agonal. A study on lack of breath

Concept and direction: Jorge Crecis
Assistant director: Charlie Brittain
Devised and performed by: Akira Yoshida Michel, Alexander Tesch, Ana Bleda Torres, Ariel Hayoun, Chloé Lendormy, Diego, Francisco Rueda, Jin Lee, Joan Aguilà Cuevas, John Sawney, Jovana Zelenovic, Lloyd Lovell, Margareta Firinger,Máté Asbóth, Michaela Kadlcíková, Molly Danter, Noémie Anneg, Prunelle Bry, Sam Huczkowski, Sati Veyrunes, Shiri Perelmuter, Stefano De Luca, Susanna Ylikoski, „Waithera Schreyeck
Music: „Embryo“ by Vincenzo Lamagna.
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“Uri” (Barren) by Achinoam Nini (Noa), sung by Ariel Hayoun

Duration: 35 minutes

How does lack of breath sound?

What does lack of breath look like?

How long can you hold your breath?

What stories do you create when lack of breath is the main character?

What is the narrative?

How do you help someone to hold their breath?

How do you stop someone breathing?

What do we have in common when you are not breathing?

What happens to your dancing when you are not breathing?

How does lack of breath unify a group of humans?

What do you feel when you see someone not breathing?

All I know is that time is long, under its own conditions, and pushes us to fill it with actions which may seem at first sight reasonable, until they become a habit. You may say it is to prevent our reason from sinking. But is it not already in the night without end of the abyssal depths ?

“Do you feel ready?” 
“Yes, it’s a bit cold.”

“How much today?” 
“Much more than yesterday.”

“I didn’t, I didn’t know today when to stop, like yesterday because I stopped you before; like you could continue you told me.” 
“no today I think not.”
“And today I didn’t know, I wanted to challenge you even more but in the same time it was super hard. And I didn’t know if I have to say something or…”
“No I think today I couldn’t go more.” 
“Because you started to cough.”
“Because I pushed today, you know.”
“And I was really like he can go, he can go, but at the same time I was like…”
“Can he really go on? No I was almost there to drop. I was no no no no ok I drop it I drop it.”

“The body has a certain limit.” 
“But we didn’t touch it yet.”
“Yeah exactly, so it’s in the mind, the limit is more in the mind, but then it’s when to stop.” 
“You can go a bit beyond your limit, but not too…”

“But in a way is getting more familiar.”
“Yeah but for me it’s not, I mean yes it is. Because I realize I have less empathy. It’s weird because I see you every day in this, but because I saw you many times doing it, my empathy get less and less.”
“Yeah. You stop to care in a way.”
“Yeah it’s really weird and yet I have a clear task… And still I’m lost.”
“It’s really interesting, it’s a bit scaring.”

“As soon as we reach the point of yesterday I noticed I really started to panic.”

“Are you ok?”

“Breath in, out. Through the nose. Inhale, exhale. Calm your heart beat, calm down your heart beat. Are you ok?”
“Can I do something?”
“It’s ok.”

“Wow it’s intense.” 
“It’s getting better.”
“Wow, I cannot block my body to move.”

“Until when we can go like this?” 
“Let’s go on for ever!”

“Well then we see tomorrow.”