Example of Dancers’ feedback: – I enjoyed the whole process and I gained a lot. I really appreciated working with such inspiring people. – The music was very inspiring and added an extra layer to the performance. It helped me as a dancer to accentuate the movement and created a different feeling. I believe that we needed more rehearsal time with the musicians to both feel more confident during the performance – I really enjoyed performingaLLtHEnAMESand felt it took on such a new life in the theatre so it was defiantly worth it. Please let us know of any opportunities in the future, I’d really love to work with you again!

Dr Mary Evelyn Head of Postgraduate Studies London Contemporary Dance School The Place, 17 Dukes Road, London WC1H 9PY Direct Line: 0207 121 1123 mary.evelyn@theplace.org.uk It was a great pleasure to welcome Jorge Crecis back to the postgraduate department at LCDS. His work engaged the students on all levels, encouraging physical and intellectual development through morning classes and an extended period of rehearsal during which a newly devised work came into being. Jorge was able to nurture a creative involvement from each individual, through a process, which was very challenging on many levels and thus not always easy. Discussions about the process, both during and after the rehearsals, helped them to reflect deeply on their practice and to see the work they had made together in a broader context, which was thoroughly appropriate for postgraduate level study. The end result performed initially a studio setting and then later in the Robin Howard Dance Theatre, presented us with a complex and intriguing series of relationships through the use of voice as well as physical explorations. The group sense of community was strong but individuals also came to the fore at different moments in the work, and overall a sense of commitment or ‘belonging’ to the community was balanced with and sometimes shattered by individual ‘stories’. Working with live music was a very welcome aspect of this process; while the students at LCDS are used to working with musicians in morning classes, it is relatively rare to collaborate in this way in the moment of performance and this took their understanding to a new level. Altogether it was a richly rewarding project for all concerned.