a solo for Anna Borras
Vincenzo Lamagna – Original Score
When I received a phone call from my dear friend and partner in crime Jorge Crecis, asking if I had any music to lend to a piece he was set to create about his experience in Cairo, it took me just a few of minutes to say “I will write something new for you”!
A few seconds later I discovered that I only had five days to write it, produce it and release it! Well, I was in, wasn’t I? It has been a lot of fun, we worked fast and hard and I am excited to be part of it and to present it to you today!

Anna Borras – Lead Performer
I do not dance “Cairo”, I channel it, I allow it to exist through me. I feel how it holds onto me, how it transforms and transports me. I surrender to it and everything flows.

Eva Escribano – Stylist
Cairo was the first project where I shared my passion for clothing and design in collaboration with other artists, and I can’t be more proud of having been part of such a talented group. Big decisions in a short time makes for a lot of fun!

Special thanks for the twenty extra performers who came and experiment with us for 4 hours of intense creation in real time



15 September: Rich Mix Theater, London (UK)

30 October: Sala Santa Llúcia, Reus (Spain)
5-8 May: Avayava Contemporary Dance Festival, Pune (India)
15 May: Festival Mueca 2016, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)
3 August: Centro Cultural de España en México, Ciudad de México (Mexico)
4-7 August: Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea de la Ciudad de México (México)
20 October: Quinzena de Dança de Almada, Lisboa (Portugal)

Cairo is an express collaboration between five artists over the period of just five days.
Beyond dance, beyond film, beyond music.

What the artists say about this work:

Jorge Crecis – Concept and Direction of the original solo
It was my second time in Egypt. In the morning of my 4th day in Cairo, I met the world’s most beautiful woman. In that moment, I knew I had to choreograph a solo inspired by this unique city.

Danilo Moroni – Film director
Farm1027 always likes challenges. One day Jorge (choreographer and movement director) picks up the phone and five minutes later”Cairo” begins.
“Cairo” is a an experience of express creation, born from the desire to portrait a personal experience after Jorge’s journey to Egypt. It is not a documentary, it is not narrative: it is an artistic experience, an express creation.


Jorge Crecis © 2017