Through & Out: Skipping Extravaganzza at GDIF

Big Dance Children rehearsals.

Through & Out: Skipping Extravaganza: Young Adults rehearsals

Through & Out: Skipping Extravaganzza. Elderly.

Through & Out: Skipping Extravaganza (‘T&O:SE’) is a very exciting cross-over between sport and dance. The project involves dance professionals and community groups in an extremely complex, yet very simple dance game. T&O:SE pushes the dancers to employ their full concentration, rhythm and physicality; while rope-skipping the participants will create choreographic scores and patterns.

T&O:SE is designed to:
• Learn internationally recognised contemporary dance methodologies that encourage kinship and teamwork through movements and imagination.
• Improve physical capacities, rhythm and coordination
• Use spatial awareness and intuition to adjust and create new movements
• See dance and perform in non-traditional spaces
• Gain self confidence and control of emotions
• Learn new approaches to engage audiences

‘T&O: SE’ Track Record
• Jorge Crecis|SQx piloted more than 50 workshop-tours across Canada with more than 4000 participants.
• Jorge Crecis|SQx received funding from Arts Council England to fund research and development of Through & Out
• Through & Out: Skipping Extravaganza was commissioned by Greenwich Dance for Big Dance 2014 South East London engaging 800 dancers-skippers at Greenwich Park.
• Through & Out: Skipping Extravaganza was previewed at the Greenwich+Docklands International Festival
• Through & Out: Skipping Extravaganza was recreated for Tall Ships Festival in September 2014





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