This training very clearly shows how powerful commitment, decision-making and continuity can be. It definitely took my performativity to the next level.

Anna, 31, UK

Being present and being able to know and manage thoughts can help combat the feeling of always running to impossible goals. Also it is helping me to fight that emptiness after being part of a full time degree, especially when there is a period of “nothing.”

Jay, 27 years old. New York

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Based on nearly 20 years of experience and 10 years of practice based research this training gathers performers from all over the world and offers a them a constant practice for twelve months.

After working for so many years internationally, I have arrived to the conclusion that these are the most common problems for freelancers are:

– lack of consistency and regularity in training

– what kind of training… we train speed, strength, flexibility, but rarely we train skills that are at the core of our profession: self-care, resilience (mental and spiritual)… presence… mindset for auditions, teaching and performances… playfulness…

– And also how lonely this profession can be at times, changing jobs, cities…

Therefore, I have created a one year online training program mainly dedicated to work the tools all performers need but are rarely trained.

This training is for performers who:

a) Struggle to keep a their training consistent throughout

b) Have experienced many many times those incredible, beautiful and magic peak moments in performance but don’t know how to switch it on at will, and want to train how to.

c) Want to grow their international network.

d) Feel sometimes as outsiders within their own professional field

This programme is a massive undertaking; leading people on a journey that lasts 365 days… this is quite nuts… but it is way more exciting. This programme has already impacted so many people and I want to spread this methodology to as many people from as many different walks of life as possible.


1)  With so much self-help information circulating around these days, it is easy to be inspired by a certain life hack, but then rarely implement those ideas into our daily routine. Through this training, the impact of this subtle continuous practice extends well beyond a single workshop or TED talk.

2)  Take your performance presence to the next level beyond the known realm of traditional training. To trigger those moments of magic we all have experienced in special circumstances, but this time train them and replicate them reliably through our everyday practices at will.

3)   Life can be extremely demanding and distracting… You want to start a specific training, but you have to work on other non-related jobs, do your grocery shopping, have a bit of a social life. This training not only to gives you continuity in your training but also helps you establish a long term structure… One of the previous participants said: It is giving me a “routine” training in a “no routine” life


Every two weeks, I will post a detailed video to our private Facebook group outlining a task for you to integrate into your daily routine, classes, rehearsals, creation process, etc…

The focus of these tasks is to change the way we do things. You will dedicate as much or as little time as you want to your training… Sometimes you don’t even have to do anything extra;  just do what you need to do everyday, but approach it slightly differently.

You will log your progress through Google Docs and post a report on our Private Facebook group every two weeks… 1 or 2 paragraphs will be enough… All in all, the minimum requirement is to dedicate 15-20 mins every two weeks to the group. Of course the more time you dedicate use this training for your practice the more you will see the benefits.


This is an exciting time in human history. Through social media, we can gather and work together without the need to be in the same geographical space. Previous participants have been based in the UK, Spain, Malta and the USA to name a few.

Also, the daily grind can get lonely sometimes. The online community of Towards Vivencia has made people feel as though they are part of something bigger. By gathering online we become completely independent from theatres, companies, universities, etc. We become our own tribe, where we are all invested in each other’s growth and well-being. This is our training and it belongs to us.


I ran the first edition completely free of charge. I loved it and I was very happy to dedicate 8 to 10 hours a week to this training and to this group of people.

We have seen how useful this training has become. Some of the participants are much more confident in their skills, others are daring to get jobs they never dreamed of and some people are finding the community support exactly what they were missing working as freelancers. I want to do keep doing this training and to serve more people. Therefore, I am committing more time and resources to build this community. In order to help make this happen, it is now necessary to charge a small amount to cover expenses. As I am aware of artists’ limited resources I tried to keep this to the minimum, charging for one week the price of ONE professional class or half than a yoga/pilates class.

There is a 10€/week subscription cost to cover the expenses of running the training. This will be calculated and paid every 6 weeks.


Final year Students: 7.5€/week

Young Graduates* & Early bird**:  8.5€/week

*Graduated less than 2 years ago

**Enrol before the 22nd of February

Very important: This program might not be for everyone, so the first two units (4 weeks) are completely free of charge.This gives to you the freedom to decide whether you’d like to continue or not…

If you decide to continue, commitment is extremely important, therefore there is a refundable deposit of 100€ that will be transferred back to you when you finish the program.

If you decide to leave the training before the end of the first month trial you will get your deposit back (minus the transaction fees).

The first subscription will ONLY be charged after the first month IF you decide to stay…

So what do you have to lose for a month?


  •     Entering Vivencia (6 weeks)                        

o   Acquiring skills  

o   Collateral training

o   Demystification of the act of performing: embodying presence

  •     During performance (6 weeks) 

o   Games are a serious thing

o   Multitasking

o   The doer

  •     Exiting performance (6 weeks)   

o   Cool down

o   Reflection

o   Transference to daily life: case study

  •     Integration (2 weeks)        
  •     Personalisation of the training (6 weeks)       

The rest of the program will be tailored depending how this first phase goes and what the group needs.


The name of the program Towards Vivencia (TWV ) defines the ultimate goal of this training. To be able to switch on and off that magical moment that rarely happens in performance. We tend to train only our bodies… this training will use the body in order to train your most powerful tool: the mind. Be more aware, read the room better, be more confident, increase your stage presence, you are transformed…


If you are interested in joining the next training group, follow this LINK and fill out the questionnaire. There be limited capacity, so let us know asap to avoid disappointments.

If you are ready to book your place follow this LINK

If you have questions, do not hesitate in contacting us. Send us an email to  and we will do our best to answer you asap!

See you in the Arena

Jorge Crecis


There are currently 49 performers who have done or are doing the training.. I asked them how they would describe this training program to someone else, and here are some of their answers:

It is benefiting me not only as a dancer but in my personal life too. This process makes me feel more active and vital, also how efficiently use my time, I am expanding my network internationally and it is allowing me to connect with people I already know in a deeper way.

Towards Vivencia is allowing me to turn fascination into research and developing knowledge.

It was the most confident I’ve gone into an audition in a long time!

This training very clearly shows how powerful commitment, decision-making and continuity can be. It definitely took my performativity to the next level.

It has already given me numerous ways of guidance, regarding how to engage with my struggle to develop my own projects or how to stay focused on daily commitments. The pragmatism and playfulness have especially helped me to keep reflecting and acting towards growth.


A programme that allows you to focus on specific tasks building a community and working with one another whilst also being a very individual programme. An intensive and constant programme.


… you to get used to being out of your comfort zone, to feel under control when on the edge… It helps you to recognize whatever is going on especially in your mind and channel it in the right direction according to situations.


Will the tasks you send us be dance combinations? 

No. Every two weeks I will focus on one aspect of your performance and I will give you ways to locate and work that aspect in your everyday activities, whether this is at work, at home, or a part of anything else within your daily routine.

Do I need to have access to a studio or any other place where I can do the training?

No, you can implement this training in any circumstance. Even if you have an injury/are ill and you can’t do your normal training, you could still work Towards Vivencia.

Every 2 weeks we have to write a report on the FB page. Is there a deadline or a specific moment we have to post that report? Or can we write it any time during those 14 days?

Yes, every 2 weeks you have to write a report about how those two weeks went… Deadline is saturday at midnight (whatever time zone you are)

You can do it friday or saturday, but as it is a summary of how the two weeks went, is advisable to do it at the end of the 2 weeks period.

Does the training have to be done every day or can I decide how to organise it?

Like any other training, the more you practice the more you feel the effects of your training. As the training runs mainly in the background of the rest of your activities, it is advisable for you to keep aware of it every day and do something practical, such as logging your progress or post videos/pictures on the FB page whenever you can.

I’m horrible with technology. Can I track my progress in a notebook?

During the week, you can track your progress however feels comfortable to you. However, by sharing your experience with the online community, you will receive invaluable support from your fellow trainees, maybe even some technical advice. It is why the online community is such a powerful tool in this training. Being part of the group offers so much more than we could get if we were going on this journey by ourselves.

The training will start on the 10th of March 2019.

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