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Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival


Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival (RCDF) is celebrating its 10th anniversary. This year the committee has undertaken to invite artists willing to take their commitment to the Palestinian community beyond theatre doors.
The support of AC/E has enabled the festival to invite the Spanish choreographer Jorge Crecis, who has been very intensely involved with the Arab world in general and with RCDF in particular since his first visit as a performer in 2004. He returned in August 2014 and completed a residency with Palestinian choreographer Samar Haddad King and Moroccan choreographer Taoufiq Izzediou, from which the Nomads Dance Camp arose, directed by Dina Abu Hamdan. During this workshop, the choreographers worked with a group of dancers from various Arab countries in Jordan. Jorge Crecis is currently working with other choreographers to develop this project during a long-term residency, which will be held alternately in Palestine, Morocco, Egypt and Jordan. At this year’s RCDF, Jorge Crecis will show the work he created in 2014.

Pan-Arab professional development workshops


Together with local partners, Jorge Crecis | SQx will encourage artistic development of local communities through a combination of educational programming and production development
The collaboration between Jorge Crecis | SQx and local partners will create the opportunity for special factors to promote the advancement of the arts at both ends. Jorge and Matt Lackford will share SQx’s expertise and knowledge gathered after years being at the forefront of dance research, education and creation. Jorge’s previous experiences in the region has helped to design a tailored project to the reality of the local communities.

IFTR Warwick 2014


The paper, “When Performance Goes Right,” will be presented at the the International Federation for Theatre Research’s Performance and Consciousness Working Group.

Through & Out. A Marathon in 45 mins


The current world record for a marathon was set by Wilson Kipsang in 2013:  two hours, three minutes and twenty three seconds.

‘Through & Out’ is a cross-over between sport, dance and rope-skipping in which the performers endure the same physical, mental and emotional states of a marathon runner in just 45 minutes.
We have been developing the first creation phase in collaboration with Trinity-Laban and today we are welcoming a few special guests into the studio to share with them what we have been up to.

Here a short trailer for those who couldn’t come:

Through & Out video