Katie Fish londondance.com. 27 June 2011

With 36, Spanish choreographer Jorge Crecis has masterminded a live problem solving exercise for the company with unpredictable rules and shifting roles. Exciting to watch and undeniably challenging to perform the dancers literally had the – largely school aged – audience on the edge of their seats. This is Sudoku brought to life but with no margin for error and with a pinball like focus. Described in the programme notes as a dance-sport, the piece strikes a balance between the two – the deftness of the dancer and the winning drive of the athlete. Dodging and shooting have never been so well choreographed. This is a collective of individuals sharing a common experience but making it their own.
Kenneth Tharp EDge: Making The Small Big. May 2011 (…) Jorge Crecis’s closing piece, in that they managed to maintain a sense of expansiveness, speed, and energy which showed no sense of being confined, albeit that they had to dance the piece with four less dancers than usual (…) The climax of the piece involves fast and furious weaving between rows of standing bottles.

Sanjoy Roy The guardian. Exposure review. Linbury theatre London. Friday 24 February 2012

Platforms for emerging artists are often required to jettison coherence in favor of choreographic diversity. The stylistic lurches between pieces can leave you a little seasick, but sometimes you’re rewarded with a surprise (…) And the big surprise [was] Jorge Crecis’s 36, in which 12 performers pass, catch, dodge and slalom around 36 water bottles, in an exhilarating mashup of dance, sport and maths that raises your pulse and confounds your brain Hobson’s Choice; Exposure: Dance –review. Linbury Studio, London frantic, ludic Giannandrea Poesio | The spectator. On the ropes splendid dance-making.