Through & Out²

‘Through & Out²’ is a cross-over between dance, sport, Augmented Reality (AR), biometrics and rope-skipping in which the performer will endure the, physical, mental and emotional states of a marathon runner in only 45 minutes.
Audiences will experience the physical exertion of the performer through spectating in the traditional sense but by also accessing physiological statistical information, generated in real time, through an specifically designed mobile App. This experience will also include a compelling narrative which will give access to the performer’s memories, emotions and/or desires.

Through & Out² Trailer

The current world record for a marathon was set by Dennis Kimetto in 2014: two hours, two minutes and fifty seven seconds.
I am going to do it in only 45 minutes*.

*According to several sources, 10 minutes of jumping rope is equal to 30 minutes of running at 6 miles per hour. Therefore, 40 minutes of skipping could be compared to a half marathon. However, in ‘Through & Out’ the demands placed on the performers make skipping twice as hard… you do the maths…

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Audiences Responses:

“Each word you said in the performance hit every single cell in my body deep inside. They brought memories, created thoughts and made me watch you breathless”
“Powerfull, organic and very intense”
“The most demanding performance I have seen in my life, I was sweating with him all the way”

Tour Dates:

1st of October: The black Cap (London) Preview
8th of October: The Telephone Exchange (London) Premiere
14th of October: The black Cap (London)

1st of October: Cervantes Theatre (London)
9-11th November: Buffer Fringe Festival (Cyprus)

Concept, Direction & Performer: Jorge Crecis
Music Composition, Co-direction & Performer: Vincenzo Lamagna
Script Writer: A.C. Smith
Training Coach: David Thunder
Costumes: Eva Escribano
Photographer and Videographer: Danilo Moroni

R&D Development phase
Animator and App Developer: Darius Powell (Quad)
E-Health/Arduino Programmer: Ashley James Brown
Project manager: Carla Piscitelli
Mentoring and Consultancy: Stephen Munn (Déda)
Special thanks: Alice Maguire, Rachele Rapisardi & all the dance-skippers who have been part of previous R&D phases of this project for their commitment, generosity & above everything their support. R&D May – July 2014
R&D Devising and Performance: Luke Bradshaw, Ana Dias, Emily Thompson-Smith, Nicholas Keegan & Jerome Wilks
R&D Set Design: Oshrat Israeli

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