1.     Find your why. Improve the way. Be very faithful to yourself!

2.    Impact and React to your environment. Be very faithful to the environment

3.     Joy is a decision. Enjoy!


By capturing the spontaneity, the immense concentration of being in the moment and competitiveness of sports through factors such as exhaustion, unforeseeable situations and chance, the dancer is pushed into a unique performative state of awareness and resilience.

During this workshops we combine anatomical and physiological principles to work safely with a very intense training in which the participants are encouraged not to stop, in order to find and refine their physical limits.

We will move using both the cooperation and the opposition with/against the floor always finding the forces that allow an extreme efficient way of moving; Through simplicity we learn different ways to fall, roll, moving in and out of the floor, being upside down and use upper body skills with confidence and artistry.

We will use the body as a gate to enhance our very own humanity.

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